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Anticipatory Guidance

At Pediatric Dentistry, we make sure every visit from young patients is a learning experience for them and their parents. We will keep you updated about your child’s oral health and inform you of any changes that may occurs as your children approach new stages of growth in life. Our doctors will provide you with helpful tips and things to look out for before your next visit. We help you anticipate the changes and potential problems that may arise depending on your child’s development and health. If you notice any warning signs appearing, then we’ll work with you to find a treatment that will provide your child with the best results in the most comfortable way for your child. We can also offer you helpful resources and pamphlets for more information about the various stages of your child’s oral development.

Pediatric Dentistry Resources & Recommendations

We don’t just clean teeth. The team at Pediatric Dentistry will teach your child about the best ways to maintain his or her teeth as well as any feelings or new things they should look out for as they grow. Teaching and learning are the foundation of our work here at Pediatric Dentistry. We will send you and your child off with the most informed resources and recommendations tailored to your child’s oral development. Our dentists do everything they can to ensure your child is getting the best oral health care they need for strong, happy smiles. Learn more about your child’s development and our recommendations for a growing child on our FAQs page If it’s time for another checkup for your child, contact us to schedule an appointment at our Des Moines or Ankeny location.