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Sealants, Fluoride and Mouthguards

Protection for Your Child’s Teeth

In order to prevent and treat tooth decay and damage for our young patients, we offer sealant, fluoride, and mouthguard services. Whether your child’s teeth are showing signs of decay or are being damaged from grinding, we have safe solutions to prevent further damage and treat the current health risks.


Sealants are made of a plastic material that dentists apply to the top surface of a tooth that is showing early signs of decay. In order to prevent further decay, this sealant acts as a barrier to food and plaque. It is easy to apply for the dentist. They simply paint the sealant onto the enamel of the tooth, typically the molars, which build up the most plaque and are hardest to clean. Once it is applied, it bonds to the teeth and fills in any grooves or pits in the tooth, quickly drying to the surface. Sealants last for years with regular biting and eating, protecting your child’s mouth and preventing any further decay to the tooth. Molars are very important teeth, especially for biting and eating. Healthy teeth allow for healthy eating, too. If your child requires a sealant, our dentists will apply it quickly and safely every time. No sedation is required.


Fluoride is another prevention method used by dentists to protect your child’s teeth from cavities. Fluoride is actually found in the foods we eat and naturally in our teeth to strengthen the enamel and resist plaque buildup and cavities. At Pediatric Dentistry, we offer fluoride cleaning to give your child’s teeth an extra barrier of protection, preventing cavities, especially for children who get them often. Our dentists apply it as a flavored foam, so your child will be able to pick their favorite flavor, and it’s placed within a mouthguard in their teeth for about a minute. It’s an easy process for getting stronger teeth!


If your child typically grinds their teeth in their sleep, then you may want to contact your dentist about getting your child fitted for a mouthguard at Pediatric Dentistry. Teeth grinding can damage the bite and overall strength of your child’s teeth. We customize mouthguards to fit your child’s specific mouth and bite. These mouthguards are comfortable to wear and provide a solid barrier between the top and bottom teeth when your child bites down. Learn more about the mouthguards we design and how they can help your child.

We strive to enhance the health and overall strength of your child’s teeth with these methods and treatments. Contact us to set up your first appointment or schedule a check-up today! We look forward to seeing you.