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Pain Prevention

Dental Sedation Options for Your Child

At Pediatric Dentistry, we offer what many people call “laughing gas” as a relaxant for children during dental treatment. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry considers this method as safe and effect for children undergoing a potentially painful oral treatment without a relaxant. Laughing gas is made up of nitrous oxide and oxygen and administered to the child through a small breath mask that sits over the child’s mouth and nose. Your child will remain awake the entire time while using the gas. It is mild, non-intrusively administered, and can easily be eliminated from the body with normal breathing.

Health Conditions to Consider

Please inform us of any changes to your child’s health or medical condition as well as if your child has taken any medication the day of the appointment. Also let us know if your child has a respiratory condition that makes it hard for them to breath, which could affect how well the laughing gas will work on your child.

Feel free to contact our office(s) to learn more about the use of nitrous oxide and other sedation options for your child.