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Development & Care of Children’s Teeth: A Timeline

a baby with a bucket hat on smiles with their little teeth

As a parent, it seems like there are always a million things to worry about when it comes to your child. Are they eating well? Are they exercising enough? Are they on their best behavior (probably the most stressful question!)? As your kids start to develop and mature, parents often question if their child’s teeth […]

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The Best Foods For Children’s Teeth

three kids eat snacks at a lunch table

When we think of dental hygiene for children, most people think of staying on top of brushing and flossing twice a day. However, the foods that your children consume play a large role in their ability to properly grow in and protecting tooth enamel. The next time you pack your child’s lunch or load up […]

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Getting Your Child To Brush Their Teeth

two kids brushing their teeth in front of a camera

Getting your child to wake up from their slumber, dressed, fed, and out the door (without forgetting something) makes for a challenging morning. Repeating the chaos at bedtime makes for an exhausting day. On top of that, you’ve most likely heard, “I don’t want to” or “Do I have to” countless times from your little […]

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What Constitutes A Dental Emergency?

a child receives emergency dental work

If you are a parent, you understand how much the phrase ‘accidents happen’ applies to real life. Kids are full of limitless amounts of energy and are generally not coordinated enough to know how to properly utilize all of it. So, in the event that your child has injured their mouth and needs immediate attention, […]

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Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dental Health

a mother and daughter brush their teeth together

Whether you’re a first-time parent or have taken many a child to the dentist, you will likely always have some questions. Our friendly staff takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable getting all of your questions answered in our office when you visit, but in the meantime, here are the answers to many […]

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