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When Should My Child Start Flossing Their Teeth?

Helping your child brush starting around the time they grow them in is crucial to keeping their mouths healthy as they grow; you also want to ensure your child’s baby teeth are healthy and durable enough to last until all of their permanent teeth grow in. Much like brushing, flossing from a young age is […]

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Dental Hygiene Month: Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Mouth Clean

October is the month of changing colors and changing temperatures, but one thing that remains the same is the importance of pediatric dental hygiene! This year, October is recognized as Dental Hygiene month, and we’re here to make sure you have the knowledge to keep your child’s teeth and mouth in shape. Here are some […]

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Getting to Know Your Pediatric Dentist: Meet Dr. Percival

photo of dr. zachary percival at Pediatric Dentistry

Some of you have probably seen a new dentist running around the Pediatric Dentistry Office. Our newest addition, Dr. Zachary Percival, has come back home to Des Moines after completing his education in Iowa City. Our patients have already had fun getting to know his lighthearted and caring spirit, but we wanted to share a […]

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Avoiding Early Childhood Cavities

kid smiling with two thumbs up in a classroom

Although baby teeth are temporary, cavities in baby teeth can lead to serious infections if not treated properly. Thankfully, cavities are preventable! Pediatric Dentistry of Central Iowa has some tips on how to keep your child’s mouth healthy! Avoid Sugary Foods and Liquids Sugars found in drinks and foods can break down tooth enamel, causing […]

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Essential Vitamins & Foods For Kids Teeth

Has your child been brushing their teeth regularly, but still suffers from unhealthy mouth problems or tooth decay? It could be their diet. The food your child consumes plays a large role in protecting their teeth, cheeks, and gums. Here are a few vitamins and minerals that we feel are important to include in your […]

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