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5 Ideas to Get Your Kids to Floss

two hands hold a string of floss

Even as adults, it often takes us years of dental visits and bouts of gingivitis and cavities to learn that flossing is important. And it takes even longer to get into a habit of flossing more than once every two weeks. Forming a flossing habit in early childhood can go a long way in saving […]

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Drinks That Are Harmful and Helpful to Your Child’s Teeth

three two liters of soda sit on the shelves of a grocery store

The American Heart Association recommends children consume fewer than six teaspoons of added sugars per day, meaning children, including those in their teenage years, should limit their intake of sugar-sweetened drinks to no more than eight ounces weekly. Children under the age of 2 years should not consume food or beverages with added sugars, including […]

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Types of Dental X-Rays & How X-Rays Benefit Your Child

an x-ray of children's teeth

While there has been controversy whether or not dental X-rays are safe for your child, you’ll be happy to know dental X-rays are very safe and expose your child to a minimal amount of radiation. There are five types of X-rays your pediatric dentist may use for your child, depending on the situation. Cavity-Detecting X-Rays […]

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Fluoride’s Role in Your Child’s Development

two fluoride foam imprints sit on a table

What is fluoride? Fluoride is a natural element that has been linked to preventing tooth decay. It can be found in water and certain foods. Fluoride is also added to some toothpaste to protect teeth from cavities. Is fluoride good for children? Fluoride is good for children’s teeth in small amounts. According to the American Dental […]

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Managing Your Child’s Chipped Tooth

a child with glasses show his chipped tooth to the camera

Managing Your Child’s Chipped Tooth and Other Dental Emergencies Toddlers are often bouncing off of walls with energy, which can lead to a chipped tooth and other dental injuries. Some children can also create the habit of aggressively grinding their teeth, leading to cavities from broken down enamel. From crunching hard candy to sports activities, […]

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