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Fluoride’s Role in Your Child’s Development

two fluoride foam imprints sit on a table

What is fluoride? Fluoride is a natural element that has been linked to preventing tooth decay. It can be found in water and certain foods. Fluoride is also added to some toothpaste to protect teeth from cavities. Is fluoride good for children? Fluoride is good for children’s teeth in small amounts. According to the American Dental […]

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Managing Your Child’s Chipped Tooth

a child with glasses show his chipped tooth to the camera

Managing Your Child’s Chipped Tooth and Other Dental Emergencies Toddlers are often bouncing off of walls with energy, which can lead to a chipped tooth and other dental injuries. Some children can also create the habit of aggressively grinding their teeth, leading to cavities from broken down enamel. From crunching hard candy to sports activities, […]

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How to Promote Healthy Snacking for Your Kids

a batch of baby carrots sits on a wicker tray

Once your child is old enough to eat solid foods, it’s best to start promoting healthy snacking sooner rather than later. Eating healthy foods prevents tooth decay, which happens when your child consumes too much sugar. Tooth decay can prevent the teeth from growing properly. Here are some healthy snacking tips for parents from the […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

a child with a hat on smiles at the camera

The best way to ensure your child has healthy teeth is to start oral health care early.  Starting good dental habits early can help prevent tooth decay which can lead to cavities and other oral diseases. Incorporate these tips into your child’s life and he or she will have healthy and a happy smile. Get […]

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