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Keeping Teeth Clean for Children with Braces

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It is not uncommon for kids to have braces. In fact, roughly 3.5 million children and teens take on orthodontic treatment, usually braces, every single year. As a parent who may have had braces when you were young, you might recall the difficulties of adjusting to braces and learning how to keep your teeth clean. […]

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“Healthy” Eating Can Damage Children’s Teeth

a bowl full of granola

Many parents and children are becoming more conscientious of what they are eating. As our access to information about the food we consume becomes more transparent, many parents are taking the initiative to make sure their kids are eating healthy. However, many parents do not know that many of these “healthy” foods are actually detrimental […]

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pH Levels of Common Drinks

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It’s no secret that kids LOVE sugary drinks like pop, lemonade, and gatorade. It’s important to know what the pH levels are of the common drinks that your kids might be digesting on a daily basis. The pH scale measures the acidity or basicity of a food or drink based on a number 0-17, with […]

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Choosing the Best Toothpaste for Children

a toothbrush sits on a counter with a dab of toothpaste on it

When it comes to your child’s teeth, attention to detail is key. Children’s teeth are much more sensitive than adult teeth so they need to be taken care of in a safe manner to avoid issues further down the line. Although a lot of parents are aware of making sure their kids use soft bristles, […]

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Cavities In Baby Teeth – What You Need To Know

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Adults aren’t the only ones who can develop cavities. Unfortunately, those pesky black spots can show up on kid’s teeth, too. So what causes tooth decay and how can you help your child develop good habits to prevent it? Let’s dive a little deeper into dental caries or, as they’re commonly known, cavities. What Are […]

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