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What to Expect During Your First Visit to the Dentist!

Going to the dentist is something we all have to do. Neglecting your teeth can lead to painful cavities, bad breath, and much worse. Without healthy teeth, life can be a struggle, which is why it’s important to start visiting your dentist early. A child’s first dental visit can be daunting for both parent and […]

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How to Pick the Best Dentist for Your Child

As soon as your child starts cutting their first teeth or is at least six months old (whichever comes first), it’s a good idea to start looking for a trustworthy pediatric dentist who can see your child and answer your questions about their dental health. If you’re a new parent or have recently moved to […]

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Which Dental Procedures are Necessary or Unnecessary for my Child?

While most parents are used to standard procedures of dental cleaning, x-rays, and fluoride treatment when they take their child to the dentist, from time to time your dentist may recommend other procedures. As a parent who wants the best for their child, it makes sense that you would want to understand the reasonings behind […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Design for Teens

The years of losing baby teeth may be over, but finding your way to the perfect smile has just begun! When adult teeth grow in, you finally get a good idea at how your smile will look for the rest of your life. Some are lucky enough to be born with a perfect set of […]

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Pediatric Dentists vs. Family Dentists

What exactly is the difference between pediatric and family dentistry? Choose the one that is the best fit for your child. Whether you are new to the area and looking for the right dentist, or your little one is finally big enough to start going to dental appointments…it is important to know your options. As […]

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