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The Importance of Flossing

stock photo of mother and son flossing. Pediatric Dentistry provides floss at every scheduled oral cleaning appointment!

Flossing is critical in creating good hygiene and keeping your child’s teeth nice and healthy. As many parents know, it is easier said than done to have your child learn the importance of regularly flossing. Flossing might seem like a frustrating task and your child might be upset the first couple of times they try […]

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Kid Athletes & Protecting Their Teeth

kids playing soccer in a field

At Pediatric Dentistry, we love seeing our kid patients involved in sports! It is important that kids are involved in physical activity everyday to keep them fit and growing properly. However, no matter the sport, it’s important that your kids take the correct safety precautions to keep their teeth safe. Here are some things to […]

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5 Facts About Baby Teeth

child with first lost tooth

As we all know, baby teeth, also known as milk or deciduous teeth, are not permanent. However, they play an important role in the development of your child. Having baby teeth allows them to learn how to talk, chew, and eat before their adult teeth settle in. It’s important that children learn how to take […]

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Preventing Gum Disease and Damage – Keeping Your Children’s Gums Healthy

child getting his mouth flossed by a dentist

You’ve established regular, healthy brushing habits for your children so their teeth remain healthy and strong, but what’s the next step? Aside from bringing in your child for regular dental appointments, something that is crucial in maintaining your child’s oral health is keeping an eye out for gum disease and gum recession. Brushing twice daily […]

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Can Kids Use Mouthwash?

photo of children's mouthwash in a cup

When it comes to keeping children’s oral health, it’s important that they understand all of the options available to them. We commonly stress the importance of brushing and flossing, but what about using mouthwash? Are kids allowed to use mouthwash? Is there an age of when they should start using them? To answer it simply, […]

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